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Faciliating More Efficient Negotiations for Innovative Therapies: A Value-Based Negotiation Framework

Amanda Whittal, Claudio Jommi, Gérard De Pouvourville, David Taylor, Lieven Annemans, Lies Schoonaert, Sebastian Vermeersch, Adam Hutchings, and Julien Patris
March 2022

Innovative therapies carry significant promise for patients. At the same time, delays in access frequently arise due to differences in manufacturer and payer perspectives regarding the potential impact of a new product, and concerns around affordability and/or evidential uncertainties. How can such concerns be effectively managed to accelerate access to promising therapies? Managed entry agreements (MEAs) are a possible approach, but lengthy negotiation processes can further delay access and do not balance effectiveness with implementation burden. This paper introduces a value-based negotiation framework to support faster, more structured MEA negotiations for innovative therapies.