Payers and policymakers are constantly revising the mechanisms and processes they use to make reimbursement decisions for rare disease treatments. There is, as yet, little consensus on the best approach for assessing the value and determining the price of rare disease treatments.

At Dolon, we help our clients understand and react to a complex and ever-changing environment, as well as participate in important policy debates – helping to ensure a fair and sustainable business model for rare disease medicines.

We believe it’s possible to have an open and constructive dialogue, grounded in research and evidence, about the issues affecting all stakeholders who believe in the value of treatments for rare and severe diseases. These issues include: how rare disease treatments are priced, how reimbursement is determined, how value is defined and how innovation can be incentivised.

Success in rare diseases requires companies to engage with policymakers to develop sustainable, value-based assessment frameworks.

We help clients to align internal thinking on policy issues affecting their own product portfolios. We also facilitate engagement across all stakeholders to join in the bigger conversation about rare disease policies affecting society at large.

Our market access policy services include:

  • Strategic portfolio assessments
  • Multi-stakeholder engagement
  • Evidence-based policy materials and publications