Successful market access depends on demonstrating the value that innovative new medicines provide to payers, clinicians, patients and society. In rare diseases, that task is harder. Disease mechanisms are more complex, patient burden is poorly documented and information on natural history is often limited.

We take complex data and translate it into simple, compelling evidence-based value propositions for rare disease treatments.

Our starting point is always a carefully conceived value strategy based on a deep understanding of the decision context. We substantiate value messages, develop new argumentation, fill evidence gaps and package value propositions for internal and external dissemination. Along the way, we ensure that a product’s value strategy is aligned with commercial, clinical and regulatory priorities.

Our value strategy and communication services include:

  • Value strategy development: situation analysis, positioning, gap analysis
  • Value proposition development and workshops
  • Value dossiers and visualisation
  • Payer negotiation objection handling
  • Budget impact modelling
  • Interactive communication tools (including iPad)
  • Publications and leave pieces
  • Training and roll-out of value materials