Categories for Case Studies

Burden of illness assessment & evidence generation

Evidence generation for an injectable chemotherapeutic with orphan designation for pancreatic cancer. For advanced, previously untreated, metastatic pancreatic cancer – a severe illness with very short life expectancy.

Value messaging & launch support

A US-based biotech with a market-leading portfolio of drugs to treat rare and severe diseases, producing an innovative, chemotherapeutic agent approved for use in second line for a rare form of cancer.

Ultra-orphan drug pricing strategy

Orphan drug pricing strategy. A small-cap, biotechnology company producing a biologic molecule for ultra-orphan indication; licensed and launched in US and Japan, applying for a license in Europe. Aim to explore the conceptual value of the molecule vs. other ultra-orphan... View More

Bespoke analytics & financial planning tools

A biopharmaceutical company planning to launch a newly acquired ultra-orphan product in the EU for the treatment of an extremely rare skin condition. In the EU, there were no currently authorised treatments for this indication.

Market access environment & policy engagement

A US-based biotech with a market-leading portfolio of innovative therapies for rare and severe diseases, facing a lack of consistency in payer assessment systems for rare diseases across countries globally.

Interactive & educative pricing exercise

A client wanting to create an interactive pricing exercise for external audiences to help educate them about the challenges and different perspectives associated with pharmaceutical pricing. Two different pricing simulations were created: one from the payer perspective and one from... View More