Pricing of rare disease medicines is both controversial and complex. With small patient populations and a high level of risk in the R&D process, many payers recognise the tension between the price of new medicines and the need to incentivise investment in developing future treatments. However, there is little consensus on how to resolve this tension. Pricing and reimbursement processes for rare disease treatments vary from country to country and the policy environment is continually evolving.

With our specialist knowledge of rare disease reimbursement pathways, we help our clients navigate a route to access.

We understand that pricing is not a one-off process. It is increasingly an adaptive, ongoing exercise that begins well before product launch. Payer insights and early modelling then continue post-launch into price negotiations, managed entry agreements, real world data collection and multi-indication planning.

Our pricing and reimbursement services include:

  • Environmental assessments
  • Payer research
  • Pricing strategy
  • Revenue modelling and negotiation analysis tools
  • Managed entry agreements