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Introducing the Dolon Institute

Adam Hutchings, Emilie Neez, Elena Nicod, Amanda Whittal
February 2023

Dolon is pleased to announce the launch of the Dolon Institute, which aspires to contribute to the policy discussion that surrounds the development and availability of innovative medicines for rare and severe diseases globally. We hope to do our part to ensure that orphan medicines continue to be developed and to reach all patients who need them.

We are eager to produce work that tackles the most important issues in the rare and severe disease policy space. In past projects, we have particularly enjoyed fruitful collaborations with a wide range of stakeholders (manufacturers, patient associations, trade associations, academics, think tanks, policymakers, payers, etc.). We would like to continue working in partnership with all stakeholders and thus welcome your ideas and expressions of interest.

If you’re interested in working with us, please reach out to [email protected].

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