• To create an interactive exercise to highlight the issues and challenges associated with pricing drugs for rare diseases from both the payer perspective and the manufacturer perspective
  • To conduct the exercise with a wide range of stakeholders at a European conference

The Challenge

  • The exercise needed to be user-friendly while being realistic: providing participants with a real sense of the constraints and considerations faced by both payers and pharmaceutical pricing executives
  • Four workshop sessions would be running simultaneously during the conference
  • Interactive voting pads were used to facilitate real-time participation and engagement of all workshop attendees in the exercise

Our Solution

  • We sought input from a number of manufacturers and payers to create a series of fictitious but realistic scenarios for the pricing exercise
  • Workshop participants took the role of either:
    – Members of the management board of a pharmaceutical company making a series of decisions regarding the company’s future strategic direction, or
    – Members of a governmental pricing and reimbursement committee of a fictitious country tasked with evaluating new drugs
  • The external facilitators of the exercises were briefed and trained by Dolon and supported by a Dolon moderator during the workshop sessions


  • Successful roll-out of the interactive pricing exercises with positive feedback from workshop participants