• Client: A biopharmaceutical company planning to launch a newly acquired ultra-orphan product in Europe for the treatment of an extremely rare metabolic disorder
  • At the time, no other authorised treatments for this indication

The Challenge

  • To develop a robust pricing strategy and evaluate the impact on long-term revenue

Our Solution

  • An innovative, user-friendly Pricing Strategy and Negotiation tool in MS Excel
  • Modelled predicted revenues/ rebates over a 12-year time horizon
  • Simultaneous analysis of multiple European markets, with country-specific price points, temporal discounts, price erosion and delays until reimbursement
  • Impact assessment of managed entry agreements and negotiation strategies
  • Value-at-stake (VAS) analysis on dosing distributions, patient compliance rates and vial size abuse
  • Sensitivity analysis on model inputs to determine most influential parameters


  • Using outputs directly from the model, the client was able to determine a
    coherent pricing strategy, and evaluate the likelihood of reimbursement across
    target price ranges in key European markets